Important Visa Information for Canadians Travelling to Argentina

Canadians who travel to Argentina to stay orthose who go for business or studies need a valid visa. Such travelers apply for their visas at the Argentine Consulates in eitherMontreal or Toronto. Artists, professionals and technical personnel and people traveling to attend conferences also need general business visa to enter Argentina. Such travelers need a passport that is valid at least for another six months, a completed application form for a visa and an air ticket or travel itinerary issued by a travel agent. Visa to Argentina for Canadian citizens costs $110 and takes five working days to process.

Tourists holdingregular Canadian passports do not require visas to enter Argentina if the durationof stay is less than three months. They however are required to pay areciprocity fee to the Direccin Nacional de Migraciones (DNM) in advance. Theywill then be required to print the receipt which they must show their airlinecompany when checking in and submit to the Argentine Immigration officials onarrival.

To pay thereciprocity fee, applicants will need to visit, fillout a form with their details and submit. Applicants then pay a fee of $92after which their information is relayed to the DNM. This fee allows formultiple entries for duration of five years or one month before your passportexpires or whichever comes fast.